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Onsite temperature calibrations for industrial controls installed on heat treating ovens.

Gas detection sensor calibration, repair and replacement.

Control system inspection, evaluation, repair and design.

Electronic controller configuration and testing.

Pneumatic controls and tubing installation.

Data logging recorder rentals.

Instrumentation sales.

Sub-contract labour services and maintenance.

PH Sample System ShopShop Labour Rate
Journeyman Instrument Technician

Annealing oven burner repair

Field Service Labour Rate
Journeyman Instrument Technician & Service Unit
$77.00/hour + 27.00/hour = 104.00/hour

Electronic board repairsShop Labour Rate
Specialized Electronic Devices

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Industrial controls maintenance, programming, commissioning and calibration

Customized pressure, temperature and process data logging

Industrial oven controls - sales, repair and calibration

Industrial & commercial air quality monitors

Design consulting and fabrication