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AWA Instrument Ltd. 

If your company requires specialized testing, fabrication and calibration of on site tools and equipment, we can help. Looking for a better way of achieving the quality control now demanded by industry but don't quite know how - call we can assist.

Calibration - onsite or in our shop

Cost effective, no downtime. Let us arrange a time which works for your operation - day, night & weekends.

  • Honeywell UDC controller
  • Honeywell UDC setpoint programmer
  • Honeywell DPR series chart recorder
  • Honeywell QX paperless recorder
  • Honeywell Multitrend V5 paperless recorder
  • Yokogawa paperless recorder
  • Yokogawa controller
  • Omron E5CK controller
  • SSI AC20 controller
  • Eurotherm controller
  • Eurotherm recorder
  • West setpoint programmer
  • Watlow controller
  • Redlion controller
  • Precision Digital display
  • Ogden controller
  • Pneumatic instrumentation

Certified calibration documentation provided, NIST traceable

Control Panel

Need it controlled or recorded?

  • Tell us what you need.
  • Many applications have been built for controlling pressure, temperature and monitoring air quality.
  • We'll design, build and test to ensure correct operation at a fraction of the cost of using a large industrial engineering firm.
  • Rental recorders (paper and electronic) are available for data logging most perimeters.
  • Controllers available for setpoint programming and standard control.
  • Heavy industry-Manufacturing-Food Service-Pharma




Industrial controls maintenance, programming, commissioning and calibration

Customized pressure, temperature and process data logging

Industrial oven controls - sales, repair and calibration

Industrial & commercial air quality monitors

Design consulting and fabrication